Drupal Tank

I attended my first Drupal Tank meeting this past Tuesday. For those of you don't know, the company I work for uses Drupal for their website, and thus I am very involved in the Drupal community. This meeting was for all of the Utah Drupal users. We had a good meeting, although there was a period where we spent way too much time deciding what we will talk about next time. All the same, some of the good resources I came away with:

There were several other things gone over as well, and overall a very good and useful for meeting.

If you haven't heard of Drupal, you have probably used it. There are thousands of sites using Drupal, and lots of really big names using it as well (The Onion, Sony, and many more). You can find a good looking list here. Pretty impressive.


Bradwich said...

So what exactly IS Drupal? They've got a spiffy logo, but I threw a quick look at their website and couldn't really tell what it is they do.

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JC said...

Joomla on steroids! It's a CMS. Basically just a tool to manage and create content (a website).