Riding the bus

The past month and a half or so I have been riding the bus to work every day. I used to ride TRAX all the time when I was still going to school, but hadn't taken public transportation much since then. So what do I think so far? I love it. I love having time to read in the morning on my way to work and then have time to unwind on the way home. By the time I get home I have practically forgotten about everything and can relax and do the things I need at home.

The big drawback is the number of routes/times that the bus runs close to my house. I'll admit that the public transportation in Utah is nothing compared to Russia. There is only one route that comes by my house (fortunately it's like 100 yards from the house), and it only runs twice a day (twice to downtown, twice back to my house). The good thing about that is it keeps me on a very tight schedule.

In terms of cost, it is $75 a month (at least in February) and that is for a pass on any bus. Honestly, I would spend about that same amount on gas, so not having to buy another car, it saves a lot of money (not to mention that my work reimburses me since they don't have to pay for a parking space for me). I plan to keep riding the bus even when I do have a car available for driving.

So what's the point of this post? Ride public transportation if you can. It's not only a great way to help the environment, but it's a good way to get to know people who live close by to you and also to have some extra time to read or unwind as the work day comes to an end. Highly recommended if you it's an option for you.


tysqui said...

The two bus routes are essentially door to door for me as well, but I've worked 60+ hours every week this year so far, so the schedules don't match up well. Add to that that I've got meetings at architect's offices, job-site visits, etc. and I could maybe ride the bus once a week (as long as nothing came up that day). I wish I could utilize it more.

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JC said...

Too bad you work so much! Your bishop rides the bus a lot (we've talked about you). I love getting home so early - 4:30 every day!

Ethan said...

It is pretty awesome you work till four thirty and in the same place the whole day, and there is no sarcasm in me saying that either. That's sweet.

Unfortunately, even if I did have that set of a schedule and was always in my office, I don't think riding the bus in a suit is a good idea anywhere in CA except SF for safety reasons/cleanliness reasons.

Plus, I would lose the car time used for confidential phone calls. It would be a great way of life, I miss the ease of Russian transit, but having a public transit system to fit my current needs is decades and billions of dollars away.

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JC said...

Interesting Ethan. I have only been on the bus in SF, nowhere else in CA though so can't comment on that. I ride with several people that work in the church office building every day and they all wear suits to work so I guess it's safe here (I don't wear suits to work fortunately).

What do you do anyways? Confidential phone calls? Sounds pretty serious.