Are You Kidding Me?

Did you hear about this?

How much do you love football? So much you'd cut off a pinky to play it? That's what Trevor Wikre did.

What is the world coming to? This kid has seriously got some issues. He is going to screw up his whole life just to play a little football. Genius. Whatever floats his boat though.

However, does sound like he found the perfect wife:

As Trevor's fiancée, Traci, says, "Of all the body parts he could've taken off, that one wasn't so bad. I feel kinda good about it. I know that if he ever needs to sacrifice for our future, he'll do it."

I don't think my wife would have said this same thing. As I type, I realize that I don't use my pinky to type at all. I use my ring finger(weird, I know), so maybe it would be worth it to give up my pinky if needed...