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I wanted to make sure that people understand that I am not trying to condemn anyone with the below post. I wrote a sentence about being disappointed, and it was not the correct word. I think I am saddened by this issue more than anything. It has caused me to do a lot of thinking about myself and where I stand. Please take a moment to read the comments that have been left as well. I do believe that this issue is a sign of tough times to come and that we must really begin to decide and know what we stand for. Once again, I don't mean to demean anyone by this post and say that I am better than you. I simply wanted to make my opinion known (the whole point of my blog). Thanks to Derek for bringing this to my attention that he found this post offensive.
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It is crazy how worked up people are getting over the passing of Proposition 8. I understand people have their rights to their opinions and I don't think that should be taken away at any point. However, there is one thing that has bothered me more than anything regarding the opposition to the passing of Proposition 8. The thing that has bothered me the most is members of the church who are against Proposition 8.

Proposition 8

Regardless of the issue (meaning gay marriage here) and the fact that I disagree with it morally and do not think that it should be legal, this is not the reason that these people bother me so much. The thing that really bothers me has more to do with a scripture and these people's testimonies. Before I get into that though, I just want to say that I don't think people should be surprised by the stance of the church on this issue (See the Proclamation). I think what has surprised members the most is the focus the church put on Proposition 8 which many consider to be a state issue. Regardless of your thoughts on this, lets look at the scripture:

What I the Lord have spoken, I have spoken, and I excuse not myself; and though the heavens and the earth pass away, my word shall not pass away, but shall all be fulfilled, whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same.
-D&C 1:38

The church's support in this issue has come from the prophet, which has come from the Lord. Thus, by going against Proposition 8, these members are going against the Lord and are ultimately rejecting their own testimonies. It is quite sad that people would reject the spirit and the testimony that they have. However, there were times in earlier church history when people rejected the church and it's beliefs and stances even though they had testimonies. I think that this is another reminder that we must have our testimonies centered in Jesus Christ and in his Atonement. It must be centered on the fact that the Lord is directing us through a living prophet. The Lord knows what He is doing, and He will continue to lead the church.

With all of the above being said, I want to make one thing clear, and that is that I have no hard feelings towards those who wish to live their lifestyle in this way. I disagree with it, but I care for people and I have someone very close to me that leads such a lifestyle. No matter your opinion or belief on the matter there is no need for bigotrous comments. My post is simply to state that I am disappointed in members of the church going against their testimonies.

A resource for the church's involvement and stance is here.


Derek said...

JC: here are my thoughts about what you just said.

If you were to ask a group of temple recommend holding members of the church if there were parts of their testimony that were weaker than they would like, I think that most people would be honest and admit to that. Some people may struggle accepting certain doctrines, others may struggle following certain commandments. I certainly have my fair share of struggles - and I think that I'm not alone.

I feel like singling out a specific group of church members for not having the same testimony as you, or as strong of a testimony as you in a particular area is a harmful thing to do. It isn't your place, or anybody else's place, to point out others difficulties or flaws and criticize them. One of the reasons the organization of the church exists is to provide support, encouragement, love, etc.

Every church member knows that when the prophet speaks we should follow. Some of us have a harder time doing that than others. Please don't think that it helps to point it out, we're aware. You wouldn't make a blog saying that you're disappointed in people who struggle with paying tithing, or keeping the word of wisdom would you?

I personally have a difficult time accepting and following the doctrine that Thomas S. Monson's voice, is the same as God's. (especially when the church asks me to do or support something that I have a hard time understanding.) I'm still trying to strengthen my testimony, follow Christ, and be a good person. I hope that in the future it is easier for me to accept this doctrine.

I haven't in any way "rejected my whole testimony." There is a part of my testimony that isn't as strong as I would like, but that doesn't mean I'm rejected my faith in Christ, or my testimony in the Book of Mormon, or the Restoration, or anything else.

I'm sorry for the long comment, I just want you to know that there are some of us who take offense to certain judgments. This is a very personal and emotional issue for a lot of people, and simplifying it as much as you have isn't possible. No hard feelings - I still love you man.

I wrote a blog on the subject myself, if you're interested:


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JC said...

Derek - thanks for the good comments. I can't usually express myself well. Really I am disappointed with people who are willfully rebelling. I don't want to condemn anyone for their rights. My comments were more directed to those who are coming out and saying the church is wrong. I don't want to say they are bad people, just that I am sad for them.

It would be the same if someone came out and said that they are against tithing or against the word of wisdom. I would be upset/sad that a person is rejecting the doctrines of the Church.

I understand that this is a tough issue for many people, but with that being said, I am putting my trust in the Lord fully regarding this issue and know that his knowledge is much greater than mine.

I don't want to condemn anyone or say that you are bad if you are struggling in any way. I was more trying to say that I am saddened by members of the church who are coming out and rejecting the church in this issue. Sorry if you thought I was condemning your or others for your struggles. I too struggle in many areas as well. I am far from perfect.

Thanks for the link to the blog. It was quite interesting.