Done and Done

Yes, I am officially done. The only thing not yet official is my diploma - I am still waiting on that to come in the mail. Other than that, I am working full time and not doing any more schooling for the time being. It is a nice and relaxing feeling right now and I am very much enjoying it. My brother's wife, Christie, and my wife planned a graduation surprise party for us on the 26th of December with several of my family and friends attending. I would say it was a great event, but unfortunately, I was down and out the whole day, with a lot of it spent in the bathroom :). I felt really bad, but I understood that everyone had a good time and BJ ate my share of food. Thanks to Christie and to my wife for the great time. Here is the video that my wife put together for the party!

Oh yeah, I have been enjoying lots of sports programming with my time off, specifically bowl games. Only another 5 days to the big Utah game. I am so excited.


Bradwich said...

Jeez--I can't believe you guys are finished. I've got another year and a half just to get my undergrad degree. Then a few more years for med school. Yikes.