Long Time, New Home

I know it has been several weeks since I have written, but things have finally settled down. We got into the new home without too many problems and we had a lot of help. We are loving the new place, and I think that the thing I love the most is all of the space! It is so open and there is so much room. I guess the worst part is how much of it gets underused. One of the main reasons I haven't written for so long is because I haven't taken pictures. I finally got to it, and so here they are:

The office:

My timeout room:

The family room:

The dining room and kitchen:

Loving this:

The empty living room:

You can see the full album here.

Also, here are a couple of videos that I did of the house:

Let me know what you think! As soon as we get the couches then I think we are going to start having people over. We are super excited and are super grateful.


Bradwich said...

Man, your place looks awesome. I (and Jess even more so) look forward to the day when we'll have our own place. Nice work!

Amanda said...

Wow! It's so beautiful! Congratulations

Becca said...

Your house is gorgeous! I'm so jealous that you were able to get one! Jared and I are hoping to be able to afford a house by next year. Congrats!