April Fool's Day - Favorites

I love April Fool's Day. I especially love how some of the bigger companies really get into it. I had a great April Fool's joke a couple years ago that got a few people (even had my Mom in tears - sorry about that). All in all though, it's a good time to get a good laugh. Here are my 4 favorites this year:

4. Ad block glasses - Get real people. Just avoid looking at all those signs!

3. Motion Mail - Watch the video to get a really good laugh.

2. Comic Sans coming to Google - If this ever happened I might actually stop using Google!

1. HDMI cable deal - The best part about this is that it's not even a joke. The price and product are for real. The sarcastic comments in the thread are what make this great. I was in tears a couple of times because I was laughing so hard.

Feel free to share any good jokes/links that you enjoyed.

Happy April Fool's Day everyone!


Bradwich said...

Motion mail from Google was my favorite. Their April Fool's Day stuff is always great.

Also, it looks like the ad block guy might be from / live in Utah. I had no idea.