New blog: It's here

It's officially up and running. I've spent several weeks to get this site designed and importing all of my old posts and comments, and it's finally done! If you've been following my old blog, you probably noticed that I hadn't written for several months, in spite of my goal earlier in the year. The reason for that is because I didn't feel like the blog was going in the direction that I was hoping. I was blogging about things that weren't really that interesting to me. I kind of wanted to share them but not always.

New direction

This new site and new blog will be much more focused on the things that I am doing and what I am learning. There may be posts that are purely about programming some cool new feature for Drupal or otherwise. There may be posts that are completely about books that I've read or movies that I've watched. It may seem like not much of a change, but since I am managing this site, I feel a much more vested interest in writing and making it worth my time.

The new blog backend

The blog is Drupal based! I've created all of the main features using no custom code (other than the theme). It's built on the latest and greatest Drupal 7 and relies heavily on Views. I'm still working out a few things here and there, but I'll keep you updated as cool new features begin to appear. For now, it's mostly just a duplicate of my old blog, but by moving to Drupal I will be able to do more than just blogging which is great.

Features for users with accounts

It's not required to read my blog or to comment on posts, but I recommend signing up for an account on this site. The things that it will afford you now:

  • No more captcha entries before commenting
  • No comment approval required - your comments will show up immediately
  • View other user profiles
  • Plenty more to come


Thanks to my brother for this clever idea. If you're a geek, you'll enjoy the name. 1010E is read "tenney." If you get it (1010 - binary 10), then you'll realize that is really how it's read. Thanks to BJ!


Brad said...

I like the look of the site--very clean, very simple. I'll admit that I miss the ease of the Blogger commenting system, though. Less stuff for me to worry about typing in before saying what I want.