Japan: Days 5, 6, 7

August 3, 2011

We decided to make it a pretty easy morning. We headed out to one of the biggest parks in Tokyo for a nice morning stroll. It cost about $3 each to enter the park but it was absolutely worth it. The park was pretty incredible and the thing that was most impressive was that there were places in the park where you couldn't see a single building from the Tokyo landscape. Considering the park is in one of the busiest districts, I was quite impressed and it was a very peaceful place. There were some pretty cool things inside too.
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The city from the park.

A view of the park.

The park was quite big and we were tired after walking around for about an hour. It started to rain a little too so we headed back to the hotel for some rest.

Our next stop was to a pretty large souvenir shop. We bought a few things, but by far the coolest thing we got was a Yukata for Anya. It is awesome and we actually saw people wearing them on the streets from time to time which was pretty cool. They went all out with the wooden sandals and everything. We walked down to our favorite area, Shibuya, and did a little bit of walking around and just enjoying the area.

We finished the night enjoying some time in our hotel as we were beat.

View from our hotel.

August 4, 2011

This was the busiest day as we were all over. We first headed out to see where Anya was going to live. It was about an hour on the Metro and train from where we were staying. Once again, we were impressed with the public transportation system and the ability to get literally anywhere. The area was pretty nice and we found it quickly and easily.

Our next stop was the Tokyo Metropolitan Building to take a look out over the city. A pretty awesome view and it was crazy to see the city that just looks like it goes on forever.

View from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

We then went to where Anya was planning on studying in the Shibuya area. It was super hot and we were glad to finally find it and get back in the Metro. Anya went back to the hotel and I went out to Asakusa to grab a few more souvenirs and some of our favorite fish snacks.

After coming home, we went out to Tokyo Tower. On our way there we heard some sounds that were music and so we decided to stop by. To our delight, we came across a festival of some sort with people in kimonos and other traditional Japanese clothing, dancing. We never found out what the festival was for, but it was awesome.

Japan festival

Tokyo Tower

August 5, 2011

This day was quite calm. Most of the morning and afternoon were spent doing some work on Anya's schooling and housing. I actually ended up doing some reading while waiting for Anya in the morning.

In the evening we decided to hang out in the Shibuya area. We tried a stand-up Sushi place which was pretty good (I'm not a sushi guy). We also tried another place where I really ended up eating. It was a rice and pork dish that was pretty greasy but tasty. Also, most of the people in the place weren't using chopsticks, but wooden spoons...so much for my idea that Japanese only use chopticks.

Rice and pork (with wooden spoon)