Japan: Last day

August 6, 2011

This was our last day in Japan and as such we didn't have our hotel room to go back to. That didn't seem to slow us down though. We went to Shibuya, Shinjuku, and ended at Akihibara. We spent quite a bit of time in the Akihibara area and enjoyed it a lot more the second time around.

I had to try the McDonalds. I love McDonalds in Russia, but the Japanese McDonalds is just like the American version...Guess I'll just have to go back to Russia again. We also stopped into a little Cafe that was really tasty.

My Big Mac

Tasty cake from cafe

And if that doesn't make your mouth water, then maybe our next stop will. We went back to our hotel to relax a little bit (no room though) and had a nice dinner in the hotel restaurant. We also made sure to use the restrooms again - they are quite awesome in Japan. Most of the public restrooms are incredible.

Anya's salad

My dinner. Don't remember what it was called.

Rice snacks

Our hotel

The toilet controls

We headed out to the airport and waited for awhile before our flight which was at midnight. We flew back to Los Angeles, spent the night, and then got home Sunday morning.

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Cool display in the Haneda International airport

Overall, the trip was a lot of fun. We were exhausted when we got home, but it was definitely an awesome experience. We loved how clean it was everywhere we went and how nice people were everywhere. We didn't like how hot and humid it was. We liked the metro. We didnt like that we had to walk so much :). Japan is our second favorite place, right after home.