Fire and foxes go together!

As most of you know, I am a major geek. I am a web developer, so I have lots of time to review the newest and coolest technology out there. So lately I have been watching what browsers that my visitors use (along with a lot of other information that I find really cool). At some post in the future I will explain how you can easily find out all this cool information about visitors to your blog (or any other site that you have control of for that case).

However, I just had to say that Firefox rules. I know that most of my readers visit my site using Firefox, so most of you must agree with me. I think most everyone knows that Internet Explorer is one of the worst browsers. If you don't believe me, then check this out. Let's just say that I try to avoid IE if at all possible. It is slow and so crappy!

There are tons of reasons to love Firefox. First off, you can make it look like any browser you want. So if you have and love IE7 (I know at least a couple of my readers use this browser), you can download Firefox, download a skin for it, and voila, you have Firefox that looks just like Safari (or any other browser you can think of). Now, you have one of the fastest browsers, but now comes the cool part - ADDONS! I love these things. I have addons for everything imaginable. I can't even imagine life without them.

So, if you aren't convinced, then you should at least try it. Firefox is available on every operating system as far as I am aware which is better then all other browsers except Opera which also supports all the major operating systems. Watch for another post as well about creating custom buttons for Firefox. Very cool, and very easy. Check it out. Firefox rules!!

My 3 favorite addons:
Faviconize, Fast Dial, Foxmarks

Other reasons to love Firefox:
Address Bar (Find any site you visited very easily)
Memory use is very good
Spell checking
Undo closed tabs
Configuration galore (meaning; I can almost change anything and everything to my personal needs & wants)
Did I mention addons? You can make it act like your favorite browser with any tweaks that you want.

Raging Fun

My wife and I recently enjoyed a day at the water park. It was my wife's first time ever at a water park and she had a blast. I did too for that matter. Now, to be honest, we were both a bit worried because of those clouds overhead, but actually it turned out to be a bit of a blessing because there was hardly anyone in the park. I guess everyone got scared and decided not to come.

While were there, we did meet one Russian lifeguard that started to talk to us in Russian. Darn, you think no one understands and then out of nowhere someone says something to you in Russian. At least we were just chatting :). We absolutely loved it and it was probably one of the funnest days we have had since our honeymoon. Only regret that I have is that we didn't go earlier in the summer because now we probably don't have a chance to get back.

So, that is my beautiful wife and I together. Of course I had to hang around on the ropes. My wife wouldn't join me though so I am the only monkey in this picture.

Raging waters is pretty cool, but the coolest waterpark I have ever been to would have to be Schlitterbahn in Texas. It has tons of huge slides and some of them feel like they go forever.

We don't have the money to go to Texas just for a waterpark though, so for now Raging Waters will do. Regardless, the day was a blast and we really enjoyed it.


So Anna and I recently got a pass to the Clark Planetarium (formerly known as the Hansen Planetarium). The pass itself cost $50 (that's a dual membership), and that gets us in to anything and everything for the whole year. We have already gotten our money's worth out of the pass - we have been to 5 shows already. Since the shows cost either $6 or $8, that would come up to be at least $60. And that is in less than a month.

I don't only like the price though, but the entertainment there is very good and educational (for the most part). Anna loves the 3D movies and they are very exciting. I myself am always up for a great laser show (these are the not so educational part of the planetarium). Both are quite relaxing, and the laser shows are a blast.

We still have lots of movies to go see and we are looking forward to it. The planetarium is a great place for dates and overall an inexpensive way to spend some time with that one you love the most! Oh yeah, check out my review of The Alps.

Tire Trash

So, about 2 months ago I noticed that my tire was going flat and so I filled it up. It continued to go flat pretty quickly. Well, the guys at Jiffy Lube told me I definitely needed to take it in and get a new tire. So, I took it in and there was a problem (I had driven on it when it was low so they told me the tire was ruined). We replaced the tire (for way too much) back on June 28th. So, I noticed about 2 weeks later that the tire was going flat again, so I filled it up and decided to take it back in.

This past Saturday, we were on our way to take it to the tire place when, well, things didn't go so well. We were on I-80 and driving down to State Street. When we were getting close to the exit, it sounded like the road was really bad. As we kept going we figured out it wasn't the road but the tire. Well, as you know there is no where to pull off on I-80 with all of the construction, so we got off on our exit and pulled off as soon as we could. We got out and here is what we saw:

My wife had her camera with her since we were going to get a new lens for her after that. Fortunately, when I bought the tire I had bought a full size spare and I drove on that until Monday as they didn't have any tires big enough. I think Anna and I are both really thankful that neither of us got hurt. That tire is nasty though!


I think everyone has it. An addiction to something. I am not talking about an addiction to something bad (alcohol or drugs), but rather something that it seems like we can't live without, even though we can. I am going to confess my addiction. I have to warn you though, you may want to stop reading here because I wouldn't want you te get addicted as well. Read on at your own expense.

My addiction has a name. It's called Slickdeals. That's right, my favorite site ever. I check about 20 times a day (that is not an exaggeration, and that is probably an underestimate). My wife can attest to this fact that I look at this site way too much. Now, you may be wondering exactly why.

So slickdeals is just that, a lot of sweet deals on anything and everything. I mainly use it for the free stuff (I haven't bought a razor in over a year because I always get them free). I get free pictures all the time, and other cool stuff. I do have to warn you though that if you can't control your spending, this site is not for you. There are so many sweet deals every day that you can really start bringing the money in.

So, there you have it, my addiction. And just in case you don't want to go to the site, you can get a list of the 5 most recent deals right here on my blog under the 'Addicted' heading on the right. Happy deals everyone!

Oh yeah, I am going to do movie reviews here now!

Movie Time

So, my wife and I have been watching a lot of movies lately and we have been enjoying that. We watched Step Up 2 a couple days ago, and to my surprise I enjoyed it. I sure wish I could dance, but since I can't I get a joy out of watching other people do it.

Also, we watched Drilbit Taylor and that was pretty good. Owen Wilson is always funny and my wife really likes watching his movies. She has also watched the first two Pirates Of the Caribbean and loves Johnny Depp (I swear all women do). Anyways, here is a clip of some sweet moves.


Time to start this blogging up again. Right now I am super busy with lots of work, but I still find time to spend with my wife. We have been to the planetarium a couple of times, and that was a lot of fun. We will certainly be heading down there again.

Other than that, the summer has been quiet with me just working a lot. Anna has been doing a lot of photography and taking lots of pictures. You can check those out on her site - Nimfahtography.

Also, check out my other blog where I am sharing parts of my journal entries from my mission. In a couple of years, you will get to hear about what I am doing right now there, but until then you will just have to keep up on my blog.

Coming to a Close

This semester is finally coming to a close, and we only have a couple of projects and tests left and it will be nice to finally be done. We have been super busy and my wife can attest to the fact that I am always sitting at the computer with that "ugly" program open (a text editor for my program). So I am glad it is finally coming to a close.

I figured I would give everyone an invite to our presentation day that will be on April 24th from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM up here at the U to show off our Senior project. There will be several other groups presenting their projects that they created as well, so it will definitely be interesting (for us nerds at least). Contact me for more information or BJ can tell you too.

Fun Weekend

This weekend we had Spencer over and I think he was super bored. There isn't much to do around here. He enjoyed watching a lot of cartoons though because we have cable and so he enjoyed that. Friday evening we did get outside and play a little. We shot some hoops and Anna came out and took some pictures of us. She got some great shots, so if you want to see more then go check out her web album.

Saturday we decided that we were going to go on a date (we actually decided a few days earlier). We had some zoo tickets left over from last year that we had never used so we decided to go over to the zoo. Anna took her camera with her and she got some more great shots. I really like this one of me sitting on a rock. Ой, какой я симпатичный! We had a good time there and we spent a couple of hours just walking around and enjoying the animals.

Other than that, I have just been working and going to school. Only a couple of weeks left and then we'll be done until fall semester.

Website Work

Most of this past semester I have been working on creating custom modules for a content management system,Drupal, for The American Academy. We are nearing an end on this project, and we have several thousand lines of code written. We recently finished a user interface for setting up some settings. It used a lot of jquery, which is similar to javascript. It was fun to create this interface and learn more about the language. The image shows a basic idea of what we did. If you click an item, then it is selected(turns yellow). If you click it again, it is no longer selected.


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